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Interactive coding club where kids develop logic and problem solving skills, while working in teams

Computer tasks

Children advance from coding with visual coding blocks to being experts in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Unplugged activites

Elements of coding are all around us and we help our children to notice and understand it


IT professionals are the most sought after occupation in the world right now

Although Latvia will lack more than 4200 IT professionals by 2020, coding is often neglected in our school curriculum. We are challenging the status quo by breaking the stereotypes about programming and sparking students’ interest in it. We believe that logic and coding knowledge is crucial in any profession and should be thought from early on.


After a few months, our students can create their own animations, games and apps


Building, drawing and discussing is an important part of our lectures


Our teachers use everyday examples to explain complex concepts

20 schools
1344 classes
834 students

Coding for kids

We organize coding clubs, creative workshops and assist companies with their family events


Various technologies have become part of our everyday life. Not every student should become a programmer, but each of them should understand the main principles that these technologies are based on and that what is going on in our devices is not magic.

Maija Kokare, Principle at Rīga English Grammar School

My son Bruno loves Learn IT lessons because he is interested in both the natural sciences and arts. I'm glad that there is an initiative that teaches children how to code.

Sanda, Bruno's mother

Karlis was sure that he will become a surgeon, but now he is considering to become a programmer. And who knows - maybe he will combine both professions and programme lasers for surgery.

Girts, Karlis' father

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