Team of our students reach 3rd place in the Open Data Hackathon

29 March 2019

Every day our creative team works with one goal only – empower children to develop their ideas with help of technology.

We could not be more proud to work with these four curious minds of 5th and 6th graders aka team LAWA. For 24 days these students were thinkering how to use technology to solve social issues, dared to get on the stage, express their opinion and present their mobile app of gamified recycling.

Congratulations to the boys with 3rd place in Latvia’s Open Data hackathon where they had to compete with other students from Grades 1-9. We believe this is just the first step to those bright minds, bigger plans and challenges await them!

Our teacher Kaspars, the best e-teacher of 2018

29 November 2018

We already know that our teachers are excellent, creative and inquisitive professionals. We express our gratitude to the Latvian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association and Tilde for the appreciation and support given to Kaspars in recognizing him as the best Latvian e-teacher of 2018.

He has trained several hundreds of students all over Latvia during working days and on the weekends, on holidays, at camps, classes and workshops. We are delighted and proud that Kaspars is a part of our team!

We have creaed educational game “The Centenary Coding Class” “

18 November 2018

In honor of the centenary of Latvia, we have created an interactive and educational coding game that can be accessed by anyone in Latvian. We urge students, teachers and all other curious minds to open the game and complete 10 exciting tasks in order to acquire the basics of coding and, in the meantime, get acquainted with the brightest Latvian personalities, the most spectacular landscapes of Latvia and Latvia’s cultural heritage.
Happy 100th Anniversary, Latvia!

Start your journey now: www.100gadesstunda.lv  

If you require any help, click here to find a video tutorial for each task.

Being part of TEDx Riga 2018

2 November 2018

TEDx conferences all over the world promote the brightest local ideas and spread them around the globe. This year Elīna Ingelande, Co-founder of Lear IT, was invited to the stage of TEDx Riga where she shared her vision as to why it would be important for all students to learn coding and what stops us from it right now. In addition, she shared interesting and entertaining stories about our students’ ideas and solutions.

Video with Elina’s speech is coming soon.

First coding hackathon for kids in Latvia

30 August – 1 September 2018

Along with the start of the new academic year, we organized the first hackathon for kids in Latvia. At the event, students were able to discover the opportunities of coding, solve problems important for kids by means of technology and jointly celebrate the start of the new academic year. During the two days, the new inventors created solutions which help to find missing pets, park a car in a parking lot and remind you to water your plants.

Click here to see a video from the event.

Our students’ participate in Staro Rīga 2017

17 – 20 November 2017

What an unique experience! For four days light and color installation made by our students were exhibited next to the works of the best international and local artists at the largest Light Festival of Latvia Staro Rīga. During the festival, the wall of a school became a colorful linen with unprecedented buttons at the foot of it. Every passer-by was able to interact with them, create animated, colorful kaleidoscopes and become an artist.

Even the Latvian television morning show “LNT brokastis” made a TV broadcast about our young technology artists.

Click on the video and watch the TV broadcast.

100 scholarships for girls from all over Latvia

September – December 2016

There is a common belief that coding is more suited for boys. When organizing the classes, we have noticed that girls are as interested and excited about technology as boys. In order to encourage them, in cooperation with Tele2 SSC, we offered free-of-charge Learn IT coding classes for 100 girls. Grants were offered to girls in the cities where there was the largest interest, particularly, in Rīga, Kuldīga, Preiļi, Ogre and Jelgava.

What did the girls learn? Click here to watch our video.